Unprecedented Diving Tech

Smartphone Housing with Dive Computer + Color Correction + Automatic Dive Logs

Dive Computer

no deco time, safety stop, ascent speed alert
double safety for your diving

Restore Underwater Colors

one touch to correct true colors
for underwater pictures

Automatic Dive Logs

dive logs are automatically generated after each dive
sync to cloud & share immediately

Professional Underwater Photography
+ Intelligent Diving Info HUD

Auto / Manual by your choice to film your underwater footage easily

Manual Focus / Exposure Bias / Shutter Speed / ISO / White Balance / Phone Strobe

Monitor your diving status on the bottom left HUD while taking pictures

No more looking back and forth

Safer, at every second

Professional Underwater Photography<br/><span style='font-size: 25px; font-weight: normal'>+ Intelligent Diving Info HUD</span>

Assistant Dive Computer
+ 3D Dive Compass

No Deco Time / Deco Stops / Safety Stop / No-Fly Time / Ascent Speed

Dive Time / Depth / Temperature / Compass / Sound + Vibration Alerts

Professional Swiss water pressure sensor embedded, precise at every inch

Powered by Bühlmann ZHL-16C + Gradient Factors decompression model

To give you an extra safety


Assistant Dive Computer<br /> <span style='font-size: 25px; font-weight: normal'>+ 3D Dive Compass</span>

For iPhone & Androids

Connect by Bluetooth, inner frame adjustable, perfectly fit for iPhone and Androids

Fully support for iPhone 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / X / Plus / SE

Max size for Android phones:

L 158.2mm * W 83.0mm * H 9.00mm

Fit for most of mainstream smartphones

For iPhone & Androids

Rated to 80 Meters & 2-Year Warranty

Solid Aluminum frame, firmly protect your phones

Remain intact even below 80 meters' deep 

With 2-year warranty of free repairment

Rated to 80 Meters & 2-Year Warranty

With Vacuum System, NO LEAKING!

Make better seal of housing, and anti-fog for phone camera lenses

Be crystal clear for every single shot

With Vacuum System, NO LEAKING!

Automatic Dive Log Generation

Log your dive automatcially every time ascending to the surface

Add some pictures & videos just taken underwater

Enrich the memory, and share to buddies

Say goodbye to pens and notebooks!

Automatic Dive Log Generation

Color Correction, No Strobes Needed
More Precise Color Correction With Housing

Every picture and video that you take

Carries info of depth and temperature

They will assist Dive+ to correct the colors more precisely

Color Correction, No Strobes Needed<br/><span style='font-size: 25px; font-weight: normal'>More Precise Color Correction With Housing</span>

New Experience
In Front of Your Eyes

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